Margot Costanzo

Margot Costanzo is one of the producers and presenters for 3MBS. She presents a regular miscellany of light classical music midday every Thursday. She also produces and presents longer format programs in the Illuminations series, in which musical topics are presented at greater depth over two hours. With Karen van Spall as technical producer, Margot has produced and presented programs such as Helen of Troy in Music, The Orpheus Myth in Opera, Pauline Viardot: singer, composer and muse. Their latest collaboration is the 5 part 10 hour series Dante in Music. This series takes the listener on a journey with Dante through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, presenting many fascinating encounters with sinners, penitents and saints to the music of Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky and Zandonai. Out of this series grew the 3MBS Dante 700 Festival (www.3mbsdante700festival.org.au).

Karen Van Spall

Karen Van Spall graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Music Performance (Honours) and has a Master of Arts (Arts Management) from RMIT. She has worked as a professional opera singer for over twenty years and has recently moved into the creative sphere. Her writing credits include Fantastique! The Life and Loves of Hector Berlioz, Clara’s Party, Grainger at Home, She and He – My Life with Chopin, Reminiscence: Liszt and Love and Wagner in Paris. Her aim is to bring focus to the women hidden in the shadows of the great composers thereby challenging our perception of talent, access, and fame. Van Spall says: If you really want to know what a composer was like, ask his landlady, his housekeeper, or his ex-wife! She is the Artist Director of The Parlour. Within the Arts community she is Vice President of AWE Inc. an alliance of women creatives and a committee member of both the Lieder Society of Victoria and Friends of Music at St Georges Travancore.