The last poem covers the journey through purgatory to paradise. Uncover the terrain and the different psychological states of those places, including the different musical language used by many 19th century and 20th century composers. Experience the bewilderment and fatigue of Dante pilgrim as he expands his mind to the revelation of God under the instruction of Beatrice, thereby preparing him to return to earth and relate what he has seen. 

Music from Symphonies 4 and 5 completing Boris Tischenko’s Cycliade with additional music from Mahler, Debussy, music from the time of Dante, a Swedish a cappella choral work and the highly innovative Dutch oratorio Paradiso that incorporates the soundtrack of the moon landing.

Paolo Baracchi as our Florentine Dante reading excerpts from Inferno in perfect Florentine Italian with Ted Davies, 3MBS responding in English translation. 

From Purgatory to Heaven